Web Services

Your present website is either evolving, or eroding. We specialize in the delivery and implementation of the latest web technologies that enable your site to grow and evolve with increasing traffic and direct visitor participation. The next generation website is within your reach. With our portal and community-based website solutions, you can bring a level of sophistication, customization and functionality to your site that will keep your visitors coming back for more and keep your site fresh and alive.

Content Management Features:

  • plug-in functional modules - you choose the functionality you need, we customize it for your site - event calendars, user and support forums, polls, surveys…the possibilities are endless.
  • plug-in content modules - content becomes individual elements that can be displayed in multiple ways in different areas of your website in unique variation…easy to update, easy to move around and experiment with placement and visibility, and easy to build upon quickly.
  • site-wide design templates - a site redesign can be as simple as designing a new set of templates and applying them globally to the site.
  • content control and site administration - a built-in content management system and administrative interface puts you in complete control of your site. You can even control the ability for users in a specific "role" to view, edit, add, or delete content, either by individual module or by page.
  • modern n-tier architecture - all pages are constructed from dynamically-loaded user controls. Server controls provide clean code / html content separation.

Content Management Benefits:

  • post your own content - our through-the-browser interface make creating content easy, saving you time and money.
  • involve your visitors - comments, forums, galleries, polls, member chat and mail - these are just a few of the ways to involve your visitors and keep them coming back again, and again.
  • extend your reach - you can have different secure neighborhoods in your portal community dedicated to your visitors, your employees, and your users - just imagine the possibilities!

We have many affordable solutions, and can even take your existing site and transform it into a winner.